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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Steps To Block a Website in Google Chrome Web Browser

Of the various things which parents or guardians are concerned about the activities their children do in internet is, children accessing the websites having grown-ups content. As of now, there is no inbuilt feature in Google Chrome to block a website. However, you can still use other handy Chrome extensions to do so. There are multiple good and reliable Chrome extensions to block websites of your choice. All you have to do is install and use them.
In this post I am going to use Website Blocker (Beta). You can find Website Blocker in Chrome Web Store. Make sure that you install the extension from Chrome Web Store, as downloading any Chrome extension from other similar stores may install a malware. Once the extension gets added, an icon of the extension will appear on the interface.
All you have to do next is go to the website you want to block, and then click on Blue globe icon (extension’s icon). Enter the time period you want the website to stay blocked and then click on “Block This!” That is it, however if you still have issues with blocking websites in Chrome or have other issues related to Chrome, then the best thing to do is availing Chrome tech support provided by a reliable support sources.
Contacting experts when having technical issues with the software or computer you use is always advised, because it is the experts who can provide you the quick and effective support. You can reach multiple good support sources like SupportMart and others at this front. All you have to do is dial the respective support number and avail required help, such as Gmail support, Acer technical support, antivirus support, browser support etc.  

What To Do If Your Computer Is Hacked?

If you suspect that your computer is hacked and are getting various signs of a hacked computer, then it is very important that you take all the necessary actions that will prevent further illegal use of your PC and online accounts. A computer gets vulnerable to a hack when it is not fully protected. So it is very necessary that you install a comprehensive antivirus software that provides complete protection from offline and online attacks. There are various good antivirus software that you can use, such as Avast Antivirus Pro, AVG Antivirus Pro, Norton 360 etc.

However, if your computer is already hacked, then following are few things that have to be done immediately, in order to ensure that there is no further illegal access and use of your data.
·         Do a complete clean installation of operating system.
·         Download and install firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, and internet protection software.
·         Change all the passwords on your computer as well as the passwords of all online accounts.
·         Disable file sharing and guest accounts.
·         Stay updated with latest data security trends and news.
Additionally, staying in contact with experts like SupportMart and others and then availing their computer software help also helps, as they are the reliable sources of effective and fast technical help. All that a user has to do is dial the respective support phone number, such as PC help number, Antivirus support phone number, AOL technical supportphone number etc. and avail the help as required.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Your Favorite Website Could Be Spreading Ransomware via Malvertising

As we are becoming more accustomed to internet, it is becoming an integral part of our everyday life. But, along with this change, there lies the danger of losing the online private information and identity.
We save multiple personal information on different websites, these include: bank details, address, phone number, photos, videos, files etc. A huge fraction of these data is constantly at the risk of getting infected, stolen, and exploited. At continual time intervals, the hackers/cyber-criminals become able to breach into the data base of one or two websites, or they become able to find and exploit vulnerability present in one or two websites.

Besides these, there are many websites and links that spread malware, trojan, and/or viruses. Recent enough Cisco Systems reported that several popular websites, including Facebook and Disney etc., have been compromised to show infected advertisements that download ransomware in the victim’s system. According to the investigation ran by Cisco, it was found out that in the last month there has been an increase in sites compromised by criminals who use RIG exploit kit. The company found out that many of the websites that have been compromised by RIG have been spreading a ransomware via Malvertising (advertisements that have been compromised).
The ransomware reported in this Cisco investigation was the notorious CryptoLocker. CryptoLocker is the most notorious ransomware and encrypts the whole data of victim’s PC and then demands a ransom to free the data. Obviously, you don’t want your data to get encrypted. Moreover, paying the criminals upfront is also not advisable, because there’s no guarantee that after getting paid the criminals will free your data. Installing a comprehensive antivirus can help you to stop all kinds of attacks including ransomware attacks. There are multiple good antivirus software that you can choose from.
Additionally, staying in contact with experts also helps, as they can provide you the best antivirussupport as you require. The good thing is that, as now there are multiple good sources of support like SupportMart and others, who provide support for multiple brands and products. So it has become easier for the users to easily avail support. All they have to do is dial the respective support number like antivirus support number, Chromecasttechnical support phone number, PC support number etc. and take the help.     

Opera Coast Web Browser Updated with Improved iCloud Syncing Feature

Opera, one of the top web browser vendors, recently made some noticeable updates to its Opera Coast Web browser for iPhone and iPad. With these new updates Opera Coast Web browser is now more practical and functional. Now, the users of Opera Coast Web browser can

·         Better sync most recently visited sites between iPhone and iPad
·         Sync passwords in a more secured way through iCloud keychain syncing between iPhone and iPad
·         Sync the last visited page of a website between iPhone and iPad
·         Share pages and images via AirDrop
Besides these, the company also included a search functionality in iPad version of the app, which matches the functionality and interface of the search feature of the iPhone version of the app.
“We improved iCloud syncing to make it even easier for you to resume Coast iPhone browsing on your iPad, and vice versa,” wrote Opera in the updates release notes.
There are also some bug fixes and performance improvements for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.
Simply update the Opera Coast Web browser with the recent releases. Or download the app now, if you haven’t tried it yet. Meanwhile if problems arise in installing or using the app, then simply reach the experts.
Dialing the Operasystem tech support phone number of good support sources like SupportMart, can help you get resolutions to all Opera related issues. It is a reliable company and staying in touch with it always helps.
The good thing is now some of the support companies also provide technical help for other brands and products. This has certainly helped the customers in getting the right resolutions. All that a user has to do is call at the requisite support number like PC support number, antivirus support number, Google Chrome Support phonenumber etc. and get the much required help. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kaspersky Extends Its Security Products' Features in 2015 Build

The global leader in proactive data protection domain, Kaspersky has recently made its advanced and feature-rich products, available in the market. The Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 are now available to be downloaded, but they are 30-days trial versions. The full versions of 2015 build of the Kaspersky solutions will be rolled-out in later months of this year. Meanwhile you can download and try the trial versions. However if you face problems in downloading/installing them or have any other Kaspersky questions, then you can avail Kaspersky tech support.   

With the necessary improvements in the pre-existing features of its products, the company (Kaspersky) has also appended some nifty additional features in its security solutions. Both, Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, now include an extra layer of protection from CryptoLocker type of ransomware. The Kaspersky system watcher feature will now look for suspected processes that are trying to modify data and immediately back-up the original files. If anything malicious is found, then, the malware is removed immediately and the original documents are restored back.   
The Kaspersky Internet Security 2015, will also track and block (if necessary) the processes that tries to connect to the webcam, without your permission. This avoids “camfecting”. Plus the Kaspersky firewall is also updated to check the security of Wi-Fi hotspots and to warn about vulnerable network connection or password stealing.

There are certain other updates in the 2015 build of Kaspersky products, like improvement in speed, UI changes, ease of using functions and features etc.

Kaspersky antivirus and Kaspersky internet security have a long history of leadership in their respective domain. These are the ace products of the company. However, in the course of use of these products certain issues with them do pop-up. The good thing is the technical support can also be reached anytime. Simply contact the expert support companies like SupportMart and a few others, when in need and then avail the respective support, such as: Kaspersky customer help, Norton support, and AVG support etc.

How to Remove Norton Toolbar from Your Web Browser

The Norton Toolbar is a handy add-on for Internet Explorer and comes bundled with Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. The purpose of Norton Toolbar is to provide you protection while you browse the internet. It proactively warns you about the visited webpage if Norton finds the website malicious. It also prevents the suspicious websites from saving your online accounts username and passwords. It verifies the popular banking and shopping websites, encrypts and saves your personal information, provides auto form fill-up feature, and protects you from all phishing and fraudulent websites and URLs.
However, you might choose to remove the Norton Toolbar from your web browser, because it occupies too much space in your web browser window or, you have already made another security toolbar as your preferred security toolbar. There are also complaints that Norton Toolbar makes the browser slow. Removing Norton Toolbar is an easy process. However you can also avail Norton support from experts in this aspect, if you feel that removing Norton Toolbar is above your expertise.  

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to remove Norton Toolbar:
  •          Open the Tool menu of your Internet Explorer and click on “Manage Add-ons”
  •    Select Norton Toolbar and disable it. Save the changes and close IE
  •  Open main window of installed Norton solution and click on “Settings”
  •     Set “Safe Surfing” option to off mode. Apply the settings and close the window
The Norton Toolbar will not disturb you anymore. However, if you are still facing issues with Norton Toolbar or are getting any other Norton problem, then, it is advised that you contact the tech support experts. Availing support from experts like SupportMart and others ensures that the issues will be fixed with absolute resolutions. The good thing now, is that many of tech support are not limited to just one brand. In fact, they provide support across various brands. All you have to do is dial their respective phone number, such as: Norton help phone number, Avast customer service phone number, PC support number etc., and get the required resolutions.